The End of Break

25 Mar

“Be joyful because it is humanly possible.” — Wendell Berry

Colorful flowers. Dark, moist soil. Blazing sunsets. Crispy, spicy fried chicken. Good company.

I agree, Berry. It is humanly possible to just be joyful, especially when I think about the little blessings I saw today.

My family and I worked in our flower beds today, to a) get ready for my sister’s wedding in 2 months and b) clean out the scraggly weeds that had grown up from the previous owners of the house.

My nephew playing in the dirt.

And God made the day perfect for gardening — warm enough to enjoy the day, but overcast so that we were not sweating or blistered; and with the Irish dominant in my complexion, a cloudy day is the best! After a few hours of digging and planting, we stopped long enough to feast upon some juicy chicken from a local restaurant — Gus’s.

After getting back to work, we noticed the beautiful sunset, and my brother and I both got some pretty decent shots of it. And to top off an already nice day, our plants were watered by a late afternoon shower. Perfection!

My brother capturing a piece of the sunset.

Although this peaceful spring break officially ends tomorrow, I’m ready to tackle the last half of the semester. Summer needs to be here — and soon! This little byrd is ready for a break!

Until next time,



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