Chef’s Market

1 Apr

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”  – Virginia Woolf

What an absolute gem of a statement for foodies!

And what better place to go than to Chef’s Market in Nashville?

I must say, I was critical at first. Chef’s Market? What kind of place is this? Well, let’s go on a visual tour.

The store is located in the corner of an average-looking shopping center. The only thing on the outside that gives a hint to the amazing treat your taste buds are about to encounter is the fact there is no parking left. Nada. You walk inside, and immediately, your eyes are drawn to these lovely lanterns, the high ceilings, the coffee-shop inspired walls.

Behind the lanterns rests a counter, containers of gourmet coffee beans, and desserts. And while I did not try any of the scrumptious treats, I must say they looked mighty tasty. And these birds just happened to be standing among the cakes and cookies, looking precious for Easter.

Toward the back of the store, you are bombarded with some of the loveliest selections of delectable foods. The salad section included things expected — like chicken salad — but also things I had never tried, but looked equally divine. Garlic mashed potatoes, parmesan chicken, chicken Jerusalem, sauteed vegetables…the list continues as you walk down cases of food, all “buffet” style in the sense that it was cooked and ready to eat, but not “buffet” in that things were bland or second-rate. My professor described it to be somewhat similar to having the chefs from the Cooking Network make the buffet for the day. Heavenly.

We sat in this area, which felt more like sitting in a house rather than in a restaurant.

Items to purchase were also sprinkled through the store, from where you entered, zigzagged your way to the food in the back, and stood in line to pay.

So, if you find yourself in Nashville during a mealtime, be sure to drop by Chef’s Market. I have an inkling you will not be disappointed.

Until next time,



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