Travel Fever

7 Jun

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” – John A. Shedd

As I stood in the security check-point at the airport, I wiped away tears and thanked God that I had decided not to wear eye make-up today.

Good-byes are not easy. In fact, I’d much rather speed up a good-bye prematurely rather than drag it out any longer than I absolutely must. I’m one of those strange people who will leave town several days early just so I don’t have to keep thinking about leaving: the weeping, the hugging, the fear of something terrible happening and never seeing the person again — well, that’s painful. And like most sane people, I don’t like pain. I also have a wildly vivid imagination that can picture every possible thing that could go wrong. So leaving people for long periods of time is, simply, not fun.

But today’s good-bye seemed to be something beyond just saying good-bye to my parents as they left the terminal. It felt like, in a strangely un-cliche way, that I was saying farewell to a part of myself. I sat in one of the planes I flew on, and gazed out of what I could see from the tiny little windows from my aisle seat, and I realized that I’m not really a kid anymore. I was traveling alone to a place where I know absolutely no one. And not only that — I was crazy excited about it. Adventure and optimism was pumping through my veins. And that scared little girl I used to be, who hated driving or going grocery shopping alone or having major responsibilities, didn’t quite resemble the person I looked at today in the airport bathroom’s mirror (although the unruly hair sadly still looked  the same).

Overall, it just seems to be one more change added to the pile of life alterations that have occurred in the past year. While some of those situations — like broken relationships — are not exactly the kind of changes you look forward to in life, each situation that I have faced, particularly in the past year, has helped shape the person I have become, and will become. Realizing that helps make the darker days seem…well…a lot brighter.

Cookies sent by your sister also help make the days better, too. Thank God for sisters :)

As you can see, the cookies will be well-enjoyed.

Until next time,



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