Furry Friends and Other Updates

11 Jun

Today, I determined I would relax. And relax, I did.

I attended church and my first Alpha meeting (which happened to be their second-to-the-last in the series – oh well!) and then came home, shamelessly ate an entire Totino’s pizza, and took a very long and luxurious nap.

Sundays are fantastic.

I realized there were a few things that happened yesterday that I forgot to mention, however, concerning the beach.

First, I had to drive through the mountains to get to the beach. With other beaches I’ve been to, the land grows very flat as you near the shore. Not in Oregon, it seems, as the coastal regions appear to be very mountainous and woodsy. I wasn’t quite sure how close I even was to the Pacific when I came across the sign for Cannon Beach and realized I was there. Strange, indeed! But very beautiful. I’m sure I almost ran off the rode on several occasions and drove everyone completely mad behind me as I made my way through the winding roads embedded between some of the most beautiful forests I have seen. The mist gently rolled over the higher parts of the mountains, while moss clung to the trees closer to the roads. To other Twihards: yes, the Northwest really is that beautiful. No special effects there, my friends.

Second, I initially parked the car I’m borrowing in the designated parking lot for beach visitors. At the time, it seemed like a fantastic spot, until I had to walk a mile to and from the sandcastle contest. When I had to walk back to my car to grab a few things, I decided to follow the example of a variety of “smart” visitors and drive my car out onto the sand for a much closer and convenient spot. Fantastic, right? Well, it was until I tried to leave. Behind and on either side of me were rows of cars – the only way I could get out was to go forward. No problem, as my brain didn’t compute the trench-like tire marks that much larger (and heavier) vehicles left in the softer and drier sand toward the land. I drove about 3 feet and took a nose dive into one of these small trenches, and was hopelessly stuck. Being one of the first people to leave the event, I was informed by one of the police officers that I would simply have to wait until the cars behind me left before they could push me out of the ditch I was in. Perfect.

I waited over an hour. None of the cars had moved, and the clock was ticking when the tide was scheduled to come in.

Obviously seeing the sad situation I was in, some very nice Oregonians decided to help me out. I was driving a very small car, so it only took a couple of them to gently nudge me out of the hole and guide me in front of the cars to an opening further down that I could get through and back onto firmer sand. While I was extremely thankful for their help, I did end up with what seemed like buckets of sand in the car. So my next mission is to find a car wash with some kind of vacuum that I can use.

Other than that, I believe I have yet to mention the furry friends in the house I am currently staying at. There are three of them, and they are all a bit afraid of me (which works out well, since I am a bit allergic to them). Anyhow, they tend to try to sneak into my room and watch me when I leave my door open.

This is Nancy. She has a raspiness to her breathing, so you can always hear her coming and going. She doesn’t sneak too well, as a result.

And I cannot remember this cat’s name. She was a bit more photogenic than Nancy, as she wasn’t as afraid of the camera.

This was usually all I could shoot of Nancy.

Tomorrow begins a very exciting but busy week of events, so today’s rest was a much-needed time out. Stay tuned to get the updates on my latest adventures, which hopefully don’t include me getting lost (again) or stuck in other forms of earth!

Until next time,



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