The Happy Oregonian Mystery

11 Jun

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

Today marks the third day of not getting lost in this crazy city – quite an accomplish, if I may say so myself. While talking on the phone with my mom, I realized just how weird life has been in the past week, dealing with unique challenges and facing experiences that I’ve never had to deal with before. I’m hoping to come out on the other side of this internship with a very fresh perspective on life, a deeper reliance on God and greater confidence in the abilities He’s given me. While I am simply captivated with the scenery and the culture of this place, I do miss the familiarity of traveling back home, and I’m looking forward to having someone else take the wheel in about a month!

Thinking along the lines of being here in Oregon, though, I remember someone telling me several weeks ago about how happy Oregonians are. Now that I’m here, I’m beginning to realize how true that statement is. I’m not saying that everyone is just a ray of sunshine, but I noticed today how a majority of people seem to be in a seriously good mood. I was in the grocery store today, and one of the employees helped me find an item on my list, and it was just funny how this person seemed to be just a really happy person. I went to check out my groceries, and yet another employee was extremely friendly. And thinking back to my few days here, I’ve met a lot of genuinely nice people. Not to say there aren’t nice people back home, but it seems that most people where I live seem to be either in a frantic rush or simply uninterested with talking to you/helping you/etc. Simply different culture here, I suppose.

Today, I also met with Karen Sjoblom of Eve’s Daughters – an organization located in the Portland area that reaches out to single moms struggling with providing and caring for themselves and their children. I had done some research prior to the meeting, but I was captivated by her personal story and how she and a friend created this fantastic support group for women. I won’t spoil the story – I’m hoping to have it finished in a couple of days – but it definitely provides a perspective to divorce that is often overlooked.

Between now and then, I’m about to plant my feet in front of the oven and prep some meals for the rest of the week, in addition to a positively sinful dessert recipe I saved on Pinterest – some kind of oreo-brownie-cookie stuff, topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. In case you’re concerned with my arteries clogging, I actually bought some oat bran muffin mix that I’m going to load with fresh blueberries. I’m hoping it balances out my chocolate splurge!

Until next time,



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