Tuesday Market

13 Jun

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her. ” -Marcelene Cox

Today marked the opening day for the annual season of Tuesday Market. Vendors from across the area cooked up delicious treats and offered an array of artisan products. One of the vendors I spoke to said the popularity for these markets has increased in the past 15 years, as hundreds of markets around the area offer fresh food and unique gift items.

People were a bit unsure as to when the market officially opened — some said 4:30, while others had heard 5 o’clock. Regardless, by 5:30 p.m., several streets were closed off to the hoards of shoppers and parking spaces around downtown were scarce at best.

First and foremost, I visited the food stands. The vittles included kettle corn, bbq, doughnuts, Asain cuisine and a Mexican food vendor. Most of the stands were clustered between the civic center and the courthouse – and boy, did it smell fantastic!

The food vendors further down the street offered other types of food, such as baked goods.

As in any good market around these parts, an array of locally-grown vegetables were found. I’m fond of produce anyway, but the colors of some of these plants were simply astounding.

And the rest of my shots are a bit more difficult to classify, ranging from pottery and jewelry to simple shots of the locals.

I also stopped by a quaint little book shop along the same road that the market was taking place – Jabosen’s, I believe it is called.

For my own treat, I sampled a few of the powdered doughnuts. Simply put, I will never eat another Hostess doughnut without knowing how much better it could actually taste, warm and wonderful like the ones I had in Oregon.

Until next time,



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