Roses and Postcards

23 Jun

Dear friend,

I’ve felt a bit under the weather these past few days, so progress for my current story is slow, at best. I visited the Beaverton Farmers Market again today, wrapping up the last few pictures I needed for the story as well as picking up some fresh strawberries and bread (and an apple fritter – I’ll be honest!). Though we did have some rain this morning and early this afternoon, the day cleared up enough later on for me to take a walk.  It was a quiet day on the square, with Oregonians busy with weekend activities perhaps closer to the big city. I enjoyed the slow pace and the open shops, however. A nice ending to a very busy week.

I simply love shooting pictures in Hillsboro. It’s got a great vibe, pretty scenery and some sweet shops.

I thought, “Oh cute, it’s a little Irish tavern.” Then I walked by and nearly gagged, thinking, “Yup, smells like a little Irish tavern, too.”

“Meow!” says the friendly cat.

I also picked up a few vintage post cards at the antique shop – I’m a sucker for anything Parisian.

And last, but certainly not least, the Portlandia reference of the day:

Tomorrow, I’m preparing to pack in all I can for my last full week here – then, I’m off to explore more of the northwest and (eventually) make my pathway homeward.

Until next time,



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