Being Five

26 Aug

Dear friend,

Do you ever wonder who generate the ideas that become children’s toys? If you haven’t payed attention to children’s TV or waltzed down the toy aisle lately, you’ve probably missed out on the latest craze for Dinosaur Train. It’s alright if you don’t know what I’m talking about – I had no idea such things as dinosaur trains could even exist, or had a need to.

But they do, apparently. And my nephews seem to love them. So, for my youngest nephew’s fifth birthday celebration, he received a splattering assortment of little dinosaurs…with a train set. Some of the creatures’ heads were so big that the figurines could not even stand up. That’s beside the point, however. The point is, I have no idea where the creative genius of people comes from that would inspire someone to even imagine that placing dinosaurs on a train set could ever generate revenue – who knew?

Other than that, I had the chance to see my brother and his family’s new home today. It’s a country home in a very small town – and not too far from where I currently live. I absolutely fell in love with its charm. And also with their morsel of a cat, Sugar. What a sweetie  – no pun intended!

Until next time,



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