The Truthiness

19 Oct

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” – Judy Garland
Dear friend,

Love is a difficult thing to describe. Is it a feeling? Is it an emotion? Is it something embedded in us that is beyond anything humans can describe?

This week, I can best describe it as silence. A strange reaction to recent events, I suppose. But I feel awed, content and hushed by it in a very beautiful way.

Monday night, I got engaged. It still sounds strange when I tell people — engaged! ME! The very idea.

I first saw Nick almost six years ago. He was a barista at the new Starbucks in town, and I thought he looked like Tom Cruise.

He, however, did not notice me until he happened to come to my church one Sunday morning. He came with a friend and fellow co-worker from Starbucks who had attended my church for a while.

Being the shy, introverted person I was in high school (and probably still am – ugh!), I did not talk to him for the first several weeks he was around. He seemed serious, I was quiet, and it took a long time for us to  introduce ourselves.

We eventually became friends. And started talking all the time. After months of talking, we finally began dating in December of my junior year in high school.

But life changes things, as it always does when plans seem to occur exactly how we think they should go. He left for college the next summer. I had hoped to follow him there, but ended up going to a university almost three hours away from him. And time whizzed by. He became a pilot, I changed my major about 50 times, and I broke up with him last August.

But, again, life changes things. And by this summer, things were better. In a way I cannot quite describe, other than simply seeing God change hearts, we began dating again in July. We knew from the beginning of our renewed relationship that we were serious this time — or maybe it was me finally realizing I was serious.

Regardless, his Monday proposal was no surprise when it came to our hopes. It was a surprise in the timing. I was expecting for him to pop the question later this year. And when we went for a walk underneath the star-lit sky early this week, marriage was the last thing on my mind.

We gazed at the sky. Talked about the constellations. Talked about God. Wished on the same shooting star gleaming across the night.

“What did you wish for?” he asked.

Uh, hello? You don’t tell your wishes. That’s bad luck, I told him.

He went ahead and told me his wish: that we would have a long and happy future together.

I smiled. It was my wish, too.

That’s when he got on one knee and asked the question every girl dreams about answering. That was also the moment when I burst out laughing: first, because I thought he was joking (that’s a long story), but then because he wasn’t joking. We were getting married, despite a year-long separation, despite trudging through with a lot of scars and baggage, despite the world seeming to be against us.

It was perfect, really. Our relationship began like this, with us spending many nights sitting on a trampoline at our pastor’s house, talking about the stars. It’s what we liked to do. And deciding we would be together, forever, under the backdrop of the starry night could not have been a better place to make that decision.

So, here’s to a new adventure with my best friend. May you find someone who makes you just as happy as Nick makes me. And if you have, may you treasure that person always.

Until next time,



One Response to “The Truthiness”

  1. Jim Grammer October 19, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

    Congratulations!!! 8^)

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