The Last of the Leaves

11 Nov

In between writing papers and investigating Southern Baptist dance policies, I stole a few moments and stood outside, amid the rustling leaves and colors and autumn bliss.

I’ve been reading a bit of Augustine’s Confessions, and am a bit surprised about how similar we feel about a liberal arts education. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think either of us think knowledge and learning is bad. Quite the opposite, really. But there is something about getting so completely enraptured by one’s studies that you forget about life that makes college less than ideal at times. The pressures of assignments, whether great or small, should never be placed above my relationship with my family, with my fiance, with my friends, and with God. But it happens, time and time again. Prioritizing things can be difficult. Thanksgiving break never looked so delicious.

But back to exploring: I decided to take a break from studying, from craziness. And being outside is always a good way to do that.

Does the cool weather feel as refreshing to you as it does to me?

Until next time,



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