(Not so) Forever 21

27 Dec


They say nothing lasts forever. It may not be true of everything, but December reminds me how quickly life can pass.

For instance, it doesn’t feel like I’ve been out of school for almost three weeks. A month ago, it felt like the semester would never end. Now, the spring semester is looming, and it’s almost time to order books and sharpen pencils and put on my thinking cap. Within the past three weeks, I turned 22, my fiance graduated with his bachelor’s degree, Christmas came and passed – which included much shopping, wrapping, baking, visiting and present-opening. With the New Year coming next week, I have to wonder if anyone else feels like the years get shorter as one ages!

People tend to give New Year’s resolutions a lot of bad rap, as if setting goals or making high expectations for the following year is always a negative thing. While I’ve always been the one who enjoyed setting these kind of goals, I also like to look back and think on improvements or happy moments of the previous year. Since I have not had much time to post over the past few weeks, here are a few flashbacks of my Christmas season – including a shot of my new Justin Bieber toothbrush I got for Christmas. Yes, it sings to me while I brush my teeth!

IMG_6852 IMG_6834 IMG_6859 IMG_6865 IMG_6876 IMG_6941 IMG_6968 IMG_6977 IMG_7020 IMG_7032 IMG_7043

I hope you’ll whip out a notebook, jot down a few (realistic) improvements or accomplishments you’d like to make in 2013, and stick ’em on your bathroom mirror – or somewhere you’d see them often. It’s healthy to have a few goals to shoot for.

And may Justin Bieber always be serenading you as you brush your pearly whites :)

Until next time,



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