The Indecisive Shoe Shopper

28 Jan

Happy Monday!

Confession: I think I was born with an addiction to shoes. Like 99 percent of the female population.

Maybe it’s the comfort of knowing that my shoe size no longer changes, unlike pretty much all other things I wear. But there is nothing like setting out for the day, looking for a few new pair of shoes to update your collection. Very rarely do I come back deflated and unable to find what I need, unlike jean shopping or the like.

brownflats IMG_7184 nativeamericanflats

My sister was able to restrain me from walking away with about ten additional pair that I really didn’t need. It turns out that if I walk away from something I’m indecisive about buying and go focus on something else for a while, that I’m able to better determine what I need from what I want when I return to make my purchase. For some shoes, I didn’t go back for at all. It’s not a flawless way to cut back on excessive spending, but it does seem to help.

On a side note, a new thrift shop opened in my town recently, and I’m learning the art of sifting through the no-so-great items to find the gems. I’ll be posting on that tomorrow!

Shoe details: brown flats/Payless, pink flats/Payless, Native American flats/Rack Room Shoes

Until next time,



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