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Girls’ Day In

4 Apr

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Silliness is good for the soul.

My sisters, mom and I rediscovered this fact during our recent girls’ day in. Complete with tempura chicken wings and chocolate-oatmeal cookies, we pigged out, talked too much and watched sappy chick flicks. After eating more calories than should be legal, we also played a little bit of Just Dance – although I think we burned more calories laughing at each other. Sorry, but those pictures won’t be posted – hah!

To bring in the spring, we also took a mini photo shoot with a flower wreath we all helped make. And ironically, the pictures captured our different – yet strangely similar – personalities. Craziness runs in the family, just in case you haven’t already picked up on that.

Here’s wishing the weather will cooperate and get warm soon!

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Nutella Hot Chocolate

7 Jan

Happy Monday!

The chilly day calls for a cup of something steamy. Why not stray from the typical hot apple cider or coffee and try some Nutella hot chocolate?

I know I’m certainly not the first to stir in the creamy chocolate mixture into a cup of hot water, but I was surprised how much different it tasted from normal hot chocolate – but in a good way. I made mine with a couple of heaping spoonfuls of Nutella, and a splash of cold milk.


I discovered Nutella only a few months ago, but since then have tried to incorporate it into just about anything I can. For the more adventurous and well-experienced users of Nutella, I would love any advice on how you make your Nutella hot chocolate – or Nutella anything! I enjoy dipping strawberries in it. And, I confess I sometimes scoop it out and eat it with my fingers if a spoon is not readily available. I know I’m not the only one ;)

Until next time,