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Girls’ Day In

4 Apr

IMG_8733 IMG_8718



Silliness is good for the soul.

My sisters, mom and I rediscovered this fact during our recent girls’ day in. Complete with tempura chicken wings and chocolate-oatmeal cookies, we pigged out, talked too much and watched sappy chick flicks. After eating more calories than should be legal, we also played a little bit of Just Dance – although I think we burned more calories laughing at each other. Sorry, but those pictures won’t be posted – hah!

To bring in the spring, we also took a mini photo shoot with a flower wreath we all helped make. And ironically, the pictures captured our different – yet strangely similar – personalities. Craziness runs in the family, just in case you haven’t already picked up on that.

Here’s wishing the weather will cooperate and get warm soon!

Until next time,




To Dine

11 Dec


Monday marked my final day of the semester, which called for rejoicing in some form or fashion. So, my sisters and I met for an informal dinner date, complete with potato soup, grilled cheese and homemade bread. Did I mention it was scrumptious?



Izzie, my oldest sister’s dog, joined us for the festivities. She is a recent mother – I’ll have to get a few shots of her adorable sons soon. She’s pretty sure she’s a human.


I realize Thanksgiving is over and the daily thankful post on Facebook was for November, but I really am thankful for my siblings. All are different and special in their own way, and my life has been enriched and blessed because of their love and support and friendship. And it’s not just because they feed me potato soup and grilled cheese on chilly fall days!

Until next time,